Int’l Shipping

UAMS’ international shipping must comply with export and import control laws and regulations. The laws and regulations may require UAMS to obtain an export license for shipments of items, software and technology outside of the U.S.

Export Control

Export Control

All UAMS personnel who engage in international shipping are responsible for ensuring compliance with U.S. export control laws and regulations.  Shipping without  obtaining the appropriate license or other government approval, or failing to file accurate export or shipping documentation, may result in the confiscation of the shipped items, fines and/or jail time.

For an export controlled item needing a license, it may take approximately 30-90 days (and potentially longer) to obtain approval from the government.  Federal regulations require UAMS to keep records of shipments for five years after the date of the shipment.

Personnel involved with shipping also need to recognize that the destination country for the shipment may have restrictions on what can be imported.

Shipping anything to a destination outside the U.S. is an export regardless of whether the item is sold, used for research, loaned, donated or only outside of the U.S. temporarily.

Most items, including certain software and information, are subject to some facet of export controls.

UAMS is the shipper of record regardless of who prepares the forms (FedEx, UPS, DHL or the customs broker).  The freight forwarder cannot be relied on for UAMS’ export control compliance.  The freight forwarder relies on the information provided to them by UAMS.

All items to be exported must be reviewed prior to shipment to determine the need for a license or other government approval.  The review includes determining:

  • The item(s) export control classification or category;
  • If the shipment is to an embargoed or sanctioned country;
  • If the shipment to the destination country requires a license;
  • If the end-user is barred from receiving exports from the US; and
  • If the end-use is prohibited.

This review must occur whether the item to be shipped is processed through UAMS Distribution Services or is done by individually by the College, School, Division or Department.

To assist in evaluating export control issues, please submit the form below prior to exporting any item.  See Frequently Asked Questions below.

FAQs regarding International Shipping